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Current professional situation

After a few years with Jipo and Obbidata I have joined T-Online France NeufCegetel SFR. English-language online CV may be found on my LinkedIn profile - a less up-to date french version exists.

With a training in information systems management, a passion for technology and a work experience that ranges accross a wide gamut of consulting activities in the telecommunication industry, I am always open to work opportunities and new professional contacts.

Jean-Marc Liotier's basic contact QRcode

How to reach me

If you want to known where I am and if I am available at this instant, please check my presence indicator. I use Jabber instant messenging and presence management. You can reach me at with any Jabber client.

If you want to contact me and there is no urgency, mail is the preferred medium. Please address professional messages to whichever is my current one and the rest to All messages are welcome.

If you need to make sure that your messages reaches me in a hurry, SMS to +33 6 0923 7824 is your salvation. If you need synchronous interaction, call me at +33 666 75 87 47 but be advised that I often ignore the calls and almost never answer calls from parties with no calling line identification.

Stalk me !

If you are here, it is probably because you are curious about me. So I might as well save you some time and provide you with the approriate Google query.

Online presence

Most of my publications used to be found in this nicely packaged compound newsfeed but it is nowadays grossly out of touch with all the places where I am present

My main blog is Serendipitous Altruism where I attempt to capitalizes random experiences in information technology, systems administration, photography, cooking and whatever my geek self fancies on that day - I have even heard reports of someone reading it. Its French language alter-ego is Les Comptoires de Sinhaladweepa

I have also been known to microblog on Twitter.

There are also profiles on Facebook and Google Plus. I viscerally hate closed silos, but that's where most of the people are, I'm a rather pragmatic person and I enjoy conversation.

My family

Since I'm most often the one taking the pictures, the illustrations on the right are mostly my daughter Pauline - the elder of four who are the happiest things that ever happened to me.

In The Bensaude/Liotier family tree you'll find tons of cousins and assorted ancestors from all parts. We have family pictures too !

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